How it works

We link people who want to try out new Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, with the companies who make these experiences, who often want feedback on their creations.

We are StoryFutures, based at Royal Holloway, University of London. Our goal is to help UK companies make innovative and exciting AR and VR experiences.

For individuals: become a Tester

  • Do you want to try out new cutting-edge experiences on your phone or in your VR headset?
  • Would you like to take part in ground-breaking research?

By joining us as a StoryFutures Tester, you'll be the first to try these out.

Participating in our studies typically involves trying a new AR or VR experience, then completing a short survey or interview. These take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the project.

Once complete, we’ll send you an Amazon Voucher as a thank you.

You can take part in one project or many - it's up to you, as long as you're part of the right target audience for each project. Our target audiences can be specific to a certain age range or location, or be people with certain special interests or hobbies, or a whole range of other demographics. Many of our studies are open to all audiences so that we can collect the widest range of data possible for the companies who value your feedback on their AR and VR work.

All the data you provide will be kept safe and confidential. For more information on our data policies, and terms and conditions, please visit our legal section.

For companies: get Audience Insights

  • Are you developing the next big Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality experience?
  • Have you tested your ideas or prototypes yet with your ideal users to make sure they really resonate?
  • Have you included Audience Insights yet to help with fine tuning the whole experience?

Our world-leading researchers in psychology and media user can help!

Our StoryFutures Testing Panel helps you rapidly gain user insights to give your immersive experiences a competitive edge, helping you make the best experience possible.

We've a number of tools to help speed you along, including:

  • TestFlight integration
  • Cross-platform Oculus Quest app-installer
  • Unity and Unreal in-headset surveying plugins
  • A Drag & Drop survey maker
  • Bespoke or Autogenerated reports

Our Audience Insights Team

Professor James Bennett

Director, StoryFutures & Co-Director, StoryFutures Academy

Professor Polly Dalton

Audience Insight R&D Lead, StoryFutures

Moira Noble

Head of Operations

Dr Chloe Preece

StoryLab Future Audience Researcher

Dr Laryssa Whittaker

StoryFutures Audience Insight, Research Fellow

Dr Andy Woods

StoryFutures Audience Insight, Senior Research Fellow

Isabelle Verhulst

Audience Insight Researcher


(There's more about them on the StoryFutures website.)